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  For all your wool carding needs.


Prices and Services


Carding Prices and Services


All Fibres $12.00/kg 

Very Hot Wash (Fine wool)  $15.00/kg

Exceptionally Dirty  $19.00/kg

Prices apply to unwashed weight.


Carding $12.00/kg

Alpaca/Llama/Mohair  $18.00/kg

Alpaca Siri $25/kg

Carded Twice  $24.00

Prices apply to washed weight.

Blending/Carding wool & other fibres

Blending Colour Mixes $12.00/kg

Dog/Silk $15.00

Blending Mohair/Possum  $18.00/kg


This is a further process done after carding, to align fibres. Up to 6 different colours can be gilled together. $15.00


Removes all small fibres and any veggie matter

From $25/kg

  •  Please feel free to ask any questions
  • We can supply wool to blend with your fibre
  • All wool processing is subject to Marees Discretion. 


Thanks Maree

Price List - Wool sales

 Carded sliver Prices From

 White $25.00/kg

 Natural colours $30.00/kg

 Fine types $40.00/kg

Dyed Wool Prices From

Cross Breed Wool  $35.00/kg

Fine Wools           $45.00/kg



Please clearly label all bags of wool with names and address and contact phone number.

Also can you please provide some instructions eg.. wash/card or just card if wool has already been washed.


When in doubt throw it out!!

If I have to sort/skirt there will be a extra charge. As the saying goes "can't turn a sow's ear into a silk purse" 

It is your responsibility to skirt your fleece. If we consider your fleece requires hand cleaning or extra skirting you will be charged at an hourly rate. This is to safeguard our machine. If it is damaged it is unlikely to be repairable. 

Please help me get the best out of your fibre.


Prices may change without notice